Aa.com.tr: PKK/PYD accused of ethnic cleansing in northern Syria

PKK terror group's Syrian offshoots -- the PYD and YPG -- accused of forcing out Arabs while supposedly fighting Daesh

Photo: pixabay.com

In the original news story is written, brief quote:

Egean Suomalaiset Yhdistys edistää länsi-Turkissa suomalaisten ja turkkilaisten keskinäistä kanssakäymistä ja toistensa kulttuurien tuntemusta, tukee suomalaisten kotoutumista ja asumista sekä auttaa suomalaisia matkailijoita saamaan enemmän irti lomastaan Kuşadasıssa ja länsi-Turkissa.

Syrian offshoots of the terrorist PKK group, including the PYD and its armed wing the YPG, have been accused by academics, journalists and human rights groups of carrying out ethnic cleansing of local Arabs and razing their homes in northern Syria.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency Thursday, Kawa Azizi, a board member of Syria’s Kurdish National Council, said the PKK/PYD “kidnaps, imprisons, tortures, and kills people in the region” in the Syrian Kurdish region known as Rojava…

You can read the full version of the article from the original link below …

Source: http://aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/pkk-pyd-accused-of-ethnic-cleansing-in-northern-syria/746245


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