Visit Lapland (Rovaniemi) with Turkish Airlines

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Kuva: Mustafa Orhan


Turkish Airlines will start to fly from Istanbul to Rovaniemi from next November on. At this moment Turkish Airlines has flights to Helsinki but not to any other cities in Finland.

Turkish people are very interested in Finland’s beautiful nature, education, location etc. When I go to Turkey on holiday, I got lot of questions about Finland. Finland is contrast to Turkey. Turkish people want to try different holiday activities than sun and beach. They want to ride motor sleigh (skidoo), jump on reindeer sleigh or want to see north lights, ice hotel. Of course, many of them wants to step on the North pole.

This kind of activities Turkish people wants to try in Finland and Rovaniemi is right place where you got all these activities while Santa Claus welcoming you with your own luggage. I have been talking with Rovaniemi marketing designer Kaisa Heiskari about Turkish Airlines flight to Rovaniemi. She was very happy that Turkish Airlines decision to make straight flights from Istanbul to Rovaniemi. “I am sure, Turkish people will enjoy their holiday in Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi is looking forward to Turkish people. Rovaniemi offers more than they want she added”. Rovaniemi airport is 10 minutes from the city.

As a Turkish News Agency, we want to that Turkish people visit Finland, enjoy their holiday here, get know about this beautiful and unique country.

Rovaniemi welcomes you!

Mustafa Orhan

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